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Musical instrument:

Update date:
V1.03 (12/01/2017)

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SOLTON_SG-1_OS_v103.hxw (1173KB)


The SOLTON SG-1 keyboard can be upgraded from various devices: 3,5″ Diskette, CD-ROM, Zip, and so on…

The SOLTON SG-1 keyboard is supplied with a CDROM (code 959007) named “CD1 operating system & demo” that contains the O.S. complete with all sound waves, this CDROM is shipped automatically to all registered users at each next upgrading, in any case is possible to ask for it directly to Generalmusic.

Only providing the CDROM “CD1 operating system & demo” is possible to restore all the contents of the Hard Disk like when it goes out from factory.

Due to the considerable quantity of data is not possible to insert the complete version of the CDROM “CD1 operating system & demo” in this CD, but only a reduced version with O.S. only, as normally the waves doesn’t change and the O.S. is the unique part needed more frequently in an upgrading.


Clicking on the upper frame you rebuild the 3.5″ disk necessary to make the last upgrade, afterwards proceed as follows:
NOTE: A blank 1.44Mb formatted diskette is required.

1) Check the O.S. version loaded in the keyboard:

a) Press SYSTEM and F7 [Battery and Release], the display shows the release date in the format day/month/year.

2) Check the date written in the upper frame, if it is more recent than the instrument date proceed with the upgrading.

a) Switch off the keyboard and insert the O.S. disk in the drive.

b) Switch on the keyboard while still rotating the DIAL, You should see the following display:

c) With the cursors keys choose the option 2, then using the DIAL select the source: FLOPPY DISK

d) Press ENTER two times.

NOTE: For a detailed explanation about the other options read the SERVICE MANUAL.

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