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Operating System LEM DX24 (LEM DX24 OSv20.zip)

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To extract the BIN file necessary to program the DX24 OS EPROM can be found  in LEM DX24 OSv20.zip (see Repository Downloads Search (Members))

Release DX24_v20

DX24 EPROM Operating System Firmware version 2.0 (new features and bug list correction)

List of new features or bug correction

v1.1 DATE=21 March 2002 CHKSUM=5AFF

Corrected the insertion of Linkwitz-Riley 48dB/oct. on HPF filter that cause loss of LPF setting on the same band when you STORE the preset in memory.
v2.0 DATE=24 July 2002 CHKSUM=FC52

DXeditor (remote PC control) implementation.


1) Check which is the O.S. version installed onto your DX24 operating as follow:

a) Turn ON the DX24 from the backside switch.

b) The initial screen displays the version:

– Release x.x –
c) Turn OFF the DX24 from the backside switch.

The DX24 is not upgradable directly from external ports, but it requires an EPROM PROGRAMMER to rebuild the internal O.S. EPROM, you can do it address to any GM AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS or to your country local DEALER.

Installation Guide

To upgrade the internal EPROM you can use the same internal EPROM memory (erasing it before) or a type compatible, the following is the list of GM validated type.


GM Code Description Manufacturer Validated type PDF spec.

100599 I.C. EPROM 512Kx8bit (27C4001-15 FDIP32-W Tacc<=150nS)

Datasheet HN27C4001-G15

Example suitable EPROMS:

  • Toshiba TC574000D-15
  • Nec uPD27C4001D-15
  • AMD AM27C040-150DC
  • SGS M27C4001-15XF1
  • Texas TMS27C040-15JL
  • Hitachi HN27C4001-G15


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