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MEGAFloppy Getting Started

January 30, 2021 | | No Comments

The Lionstracs Megafloppy and Hard drive is straight forward for your WX/SX but should you experience any configuration problems, below set-up has been provided.

Partition 001 has a preloaded demo disk that you should be able to select and load with little problem.

Upon first switching on your MF, you will require to perform a simple ‘configuration’ for your particular instrument installation.

To do this:


In order to setup the MF to operate correctly in your instrument, you first must set the System Configuration or CS

To do this from the power up position, you should see <000> on the MF display.

Press <SEL> and <UP> buttons at the same time.

This should display <CS no>

Press <UP>, to slect <CS yes> and press <#>

CS Rdy, press [UP] for dCH – and Press[#] to confirm option

CS 1.44, press [#] to confirm option

CS Std, Press[#] to confirm option

On completion, you will go back to <BL 000>.  Turn the power off for 15 seconds and turn back on again.

At this point you have setup the MF to respond like your old floppy drive.  You now require to format the MF hard drive in order to complete the installation procedure.  To do this:


Select <5b> using the [SEL] button

Press [#] and then using the [SEL] button, select function ‘HF’


You will see <HF no>

Press [UP],  selecting <Yes>.  Then press [#]


You should now see <SF> on the display, this allows you to select the floppy disk format of your instrument. Either 1.44 or  720 maybe selected.

Press [#] and you should see ….. on the display to indicate initialisation of the hard drive.  This takes approximately 1 minute so please be patient.

On completion, <FO-> will be displayed.

Now on your instrument, it will be necessary to perform a normal floppy disk format.  Simply go through your normal procedure to format a disk.

Whilst formatting, you should see <moving dashed-> on the MF display.

On completion of the disk format, exit from the disk function on your keyboard back to the standard operating mode.

You should now see <FO —> at this point simply press [#] and the MF display should then show <000>.

Setup is now complete and you may start using the MF.

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