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LEM Products and Models

Generalmusic designed and manufactured a fantastic range of audio equipment, thanks to a dedicated team of talented engineers and people.

Below is an ever growing list of LEM models and series, which are featured on the GEMClub website, through the many OS, firmware, manuals, technical information, gallery etc.

In alphabetical order. List being updated. Please use table search, or column sort, as needed.
Model / TagsSeriesYear
Mini Series
Mini Series - Minipower
Mini Series - Minisound
Twin Series
Blues Series
Blues Series - Product Information
Blues Series - Sections
Blues Series - Technical Specifications
Pick Pad
Pick Pad - Technical Specifications
Racktop Series - Product information
Groove Series
Groove Series - Product Information
DM Series
DJ Series - DJ Pro II
DJ Series - DJ Star
DJ Series - DJ Beat
DJ Series - Product Information
Pick System - Product Information
MP Series
MP Series - Technical Specifications
Twin Series - Product Information
Twin Series - Sections
Twin Series - Technical Specifications
LPS Plus Series
Tour Master Active
Tour Master _ Digiprox System
Tour Master Active - Technical Specifications
Tour Master _ Digiprox System - Product Information
Tour Master _ Digiprox System - Recommended Set-ups
Tour Master _ Digiprox System - Technical Specifications
Tour Master Series - Tour Master Monitor
Energy Series
P Series
P Series - Technical Specifications
P Series - Product Information
Energy Series - Product Information
Energy Series - Technical Specifications

This table was last updated January 26, 2021

Should you wish to add other Product Model, or have any information updated, we would welcome you to contact us.

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