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LEM FALCON Tools (LEM Falcon Tools.zip)

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LEM Digital Console tools can be found in LEM Falcon Tools.zip (see Repository Downloads Search (Members))

  • To install Cakewalk FALCON editor run cakewalk.exe
  • To install Cubase FALCON editor run cubase.exe
  • To install Logic Audio FALCON editor run logic.exe
  • To install the FALCON DUMP 1.03 utility run fd_130.exe

Falcon DUMP v.1.03

Falcon DUMP is a program (for Windows® 95/98/NT) supplied with LEM’s Falcon digital console; it’s used to upload/download Library Presets, Snapshots and Global Machine Setups from/to the Falcon and Personal Computers. It also allows complete and/or partial storage/loading of the Libraries.

FALCON DUMP 1.03 utility instructions fdman_e.pdf

Serial Connection

Technical Requirements

Falcon DUMP can be run in the following Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows® 95 ( all versions) any language
Microsoft Windows® 98 (build 4.10 and later) any language
Microsoft Windows® NT 4.0 + Service Pack 1 (with or without IE4) any language
Any hardware configuration is valid, providing it’s able to manage a 16450 or 16550 type serial port; default data transmission speed is 38,000 bauds/s.

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