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February 4, 2021 | | No Comments

Generalmusic’s DRAKE technology was introduced in the Promega series professional digital pianos.  DRAKE is an acronym for DSP Risc Advanced Keyboard Engine.

Generalmusic’s team of sound design engineers have drawn from their years of expertise to produce a new, large high quality PCM database of realistic instrument recordings. Included is the Fazioli F308 concert grand piano

The real-time physical modelling system, made possible by DRAKE technology, also reproduces classic electro-mechanical instruments like Rhodes, Wurlitzer & Clavinet with reality.

The acoustic piano sounds incorporate GEM’s patented physical modelling algorithms like Damper Physical Model, Natural String Resonance, Advanced Release Technology and Filter Algorithm Dynamic Emulation (FADE).

This exclusive technology reproduces the natural acoustic properties of a real acoustic piano.  The internal DSP effect section generates various reverbs and high quality effects, adding dimensional spatiality and warmth to the instrument’s overall sound.  As the DRAKE microprocessor is entirely software controllable, it makes this technology so flexible and unique.

The GEM Promega 3 has 5 DRAKE’s and the Promega 2 has 3 DRAKE’s.  The RP and pRP series have 1 DRAKE.  The main difference in the number of DRAKE’s used is in polyphony and number of sounds/samples due to memory capacity.

Grand Pianos, such as the GRP800, are equipped with a weighed keyboard incorporating an Advanced Graded Hammer Action for a realistic touch. The importance of music education and the documented benefits associated with this, encouraged Generalmusic’s design team to incorporate functions to enhance the learning process and enjoyment.

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