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GEMClub .IMG Image Pro Files (ImagePro)

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Disk .IMG files, in the GEMClub disk library, are created using a DOS program called ImagePro, which copies the floppy disk, disk sector by sector, to create a single image file, with an .IMG extension.

Image Pro can be downloaded from the members downloads area, together with a PDF user guide.  Image Pro copies exactly all versions of GEM disks, including AKAI format.

Blank disk images are also provided, which enable WX owners for example, to create blank 1.6Mb disks which can then be used in the WX enabling greater storage.


ImagePro V3 was/is a great little DOS shareware program. It is used to capture an ‘Image’ of a floppy disk which is then stored on the computer hard drive.

All of the GEMClub disks made use of Image Pro in order that they can then be exactly reproduced as per the original. The advantage being that you have only a single file xxx.IMG (for example UX001.IMG etc).

ImagePro will copy ALL GEM disks, including the larger non DOS format (1.6Mb), disk as used by the S Series, WK etc. ImagePro will also copy other non standard format disk such as AKAI

A PDF of the below user guide can be downloaded here


    • Image Pro works well under DOS, Windows 95, 98, ME, NT2000, WinXP (Pre SP3).
    • Image Pro does NOT work on later versions of Windows XP, Vista, Win8, Win10 onwards (due to Windows security).  This include emulators or VM.
    • USB Floppy drives are not always successful as ImagePro will not always recognise them.  Built in IDE type floppy drives work best and reliably.
    • In the current 2021 era, most people buy/use an old laptop with a built in floppy and run Image Pro, without problems.  Ideally under DOS or Win98.
    • Image Pro disks will eventually be migrated over to a Windows based floppy image file, including Gotek USB/Floppy .HFE formats.

User Guide

This great little DOS shareware program (works well under Windows 95, 98, 2000), is used to capture an ‘Image’ of a floppy disk. This is then stored on the computer hard drive.

Image pro is supplied as a ZIP file ( This needs to be Un-Zipped, using a program such as WinZip.

Once Unzipped to C:\IPI you can either run the program in DOS or in a DOS Window. It appears to work well in all. (DOS, Windows 95, 98, NT2000).

Image Pro – Welcome Screen

Upon starting Image Pro, if your CD is not drive D, you will be prompted to enter the correct file path for the Images. The default is D:\GEMDISKS\IMAGES Simply change the drive letter to your CDROM default. Command and Label paths are not used but are defaulted to D:\GEMDISKS\CMD and D:\GEMDISKS\LBL

Remember to keep the same path. I.e. x:\GEMDISKS\IMAGES

Image Pro – Main Screen

Once the program is loaded, if you select START and IMAGE FILES, you should see disk images listed in the directory specified.

Simply select the disk you want by highlighting and pressing ENTER. Followed by the number of disks you want, default being 1. You can in fact go on and add more floppy disks to your recreation process.

Note: The important thing is that you MUST select a UNIT. This is achieved by pressing ‘U’ against each disk selected. Then simply press enter at the screen defaults.

Once complete, you should see a ‘Y’ under the ‘U’ for EVERY disk. Adding more disks to the process and so on….

Once you are ready to process with creating your disks, simply press ‘G’ for Go… Select if need be how many times you want to repeat the process. Default is left to 1.

When you are ready simply press ENTER or ESC to abort

Ready to start copying the image from hard drive or CDROM to floppy.

Path settings can be changed at any time, should you wish for example to have more than one image folder. In fact, this CD has more than one!!! Check them out!!

If you wish to change the defaults for copying files such as to format the disk, verify the disk etc, you can do this from the options menu. The below shows the optimum settings.

Image Pro – Create a new floppy IMG

You can easily create your very own images by simply selecting the IMAGE FILES and CREATE IMAGE. Following the screen prompts as per.

Entering the new disk Image name.

Place your disk to be ‘images’, in to the floppy drive and press ENTER. You will see the progress bar on screen when imaging. Just like when you recreate a floppy.

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