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GEMClub Disk Compatibility Chart

February 5, 2021 | | No Comments

As you will appreciate, the GEM disk library is quite vast, both in supported GEM keyboard models and inter-GEM keyboard model compatibility.

All GEM keyboards save the information such as sequences, styles, samples, performances onto disk in a special proprietary way. This means that generally, the disks created on a particular model makes use of model specific features and are not always loadable on other GEM models. For this reason, 100% compatibility is not assured between models, For example, the WS cannot load WX disks, Equinox can load S sounds but not S songs.

The below cross reference chart (Provisional Temporary Version) shows disks and GEM model. This applies to both the Commercial and User Disk libraries.  It shows what model a disk can be loaded into, and also, what the GEM instrument can load from the disks available in the Members Downloads


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