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An optional Audio/Video interface board can be internally fitted to the WX/SX series.  This will allow an external RGB monitor to display Karaoke functions, Lyrics, Chords and Score, directly from the keyboard sequencer.  The board also includes a vocal processor.

Video Interface with Vocal Processor, Harmoniser, Vocoder

The interface is normally fitted internally to the keyboard, by a competent person, or service engineer.  The WX Module cannot be retrofitted with this interface but is available as standard with and without the Audio/Video option.

Upgrades: The Operating System (Firmware), is stored in EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory).  Various releases were made and can updated to the latest (at the time).  The EPROM releases can be found in GEM & LEM EPROM Information and all EPROM BIN files can be found in the GEMClub Members Downloads area.

A DIN to RGB cable plugs into the rear of the keyboard.

Part Numbers:

  • 970136 NTSC Video Interface
  • 970135 PAL Video Interface
  • 130316 DIN/RGB to RCA Video Cable
  • 130317 DIN/RGB to SCART Video Cable
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