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GEM WX400 Piano Workstation Overview

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Based on the GEM WX2 Multimedia Workstation, the GEM WX400 Piano Workstation is an 88 note Digital Piano, with Hammer Action Weighted keys.

Issues: The WX Series has SRAM for internal storage. This SRAM (Static RAM), uses a rechargeable NiCd backup battery which is prone to leaking and the battery acid when leaking, often corrodes the PCB and components.  Recommend changing the NiCd battery immediately for a separate battery pack, mounted away from the PCBs.

Upgrades: The Operating System (Firmware), is stored in EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory).  Various releases were made and can updated to the latest (at the time).  The EPROM releases can be found in GEM & LEM EPROM Information and all EPROM BIN files can be found in the GEMClub Members Downloads area.

Disks: A large range of GEM and GEMClub members disks can be found in the GEMClub Members Downloads area.

Basic Overview:

  • Keyboard: 88 Weighted Keys (A0 – C8)  Dynamics and Aftertouch sensitivity (channel)
  • Sound Generation: method PCM, Wavetables, Multiloop, Crossfade Multiwave and Subtractive Synthesis
  • Polyphony: 32 Notes, 32 Oscillators (single mode); 16 Notes, 32 Oscillators (double mode)
  • Memory: 6 Megabytes ROM, 256 KByte Static RAM (Ni/Cd battery-backed) 2 Megabyte RAM DISP (optional) for PCM Samples
  • Effects: Two digital multi-effects processors with Effects editor for custom effects
  • Sounds: 472 ROM Sounds arranged in 16 Families (344 Sounds, 112 Percussion sounds, 16 Drumkits), up to 1472 user-programmable Performance Sounds and 184 user programmable Performance Drumkits 48 additional PCM Samples with optional Sample RAM DISP
  • Performances: 184 Performances (24 Real-Time in 3 Banks, 64 Internal Style in 8 Banks, 32 Programmable Style in 4 Banks, 64 Song/Song Style in 8 Banks)
  • Sequencer: 16 Tracks, 16 timbres (dynamic voice allocation),1/192 quarter note resolution, 250,000 events, 8 Songs, 64 Internal Styles + Variation, 32 Programmable Styles + Variation, Background Song Loading, Realtime and Step record modes, full Event Edit facilities (Master Track, Copy, Move, Erase, Insert/Delete, Transpose/Dynamic, Quantize, Microscope, Name, Undo)
  • Style/Sequencer controls: Start/Stop, Intro/End, Fill/Tap, Var/Cont, REC, >> (fast forward); << (fast rewind), Tempo-Fix, Sync Score Possibility of displaying Melody-Chords-Lyrics, Chords only, Lyrics only (Zoom edit), Get from Track function
  • Panel controls: Master Volume slider, Dial, Function Keys (F1…F8), Cursor Diamond (Up/Down/Left/Right arrows) with Toggle (On/Off key), Track Ball (Modulation and Pitch Bend)
  • Display: Graphic, Liquid Crystal, neon-backlit, 240×64 pixel resolution, Contrast control
  • Edit section: Disk, Performance, Sound, Mixer, Effect 1/2, MIDI, Status, Splits, Arrange, Clock
  • Floppy Disk Drive: 3.5″ 2DD/2HD Disk/SRam operations (for Sound/Drumkit/Effects/Performance parameters/Sequence data/MIDI data, and for Standard MIDI Files), Load User program, Preload, LoadWS songs (WS SOFTWARE COMPATIBLE)
  • Miscellaneous: Backlit panel keys, resident Demo Song, Option facility for use with User Programs
  • Connections: Volume Pedal (fixed), Damper Pedal, Pedal 1, Pedal 2 (all programmable and polarity reversible), Audio In Left-Right/Mono (mic-line), Output Left/Right, External Send/Return, MIDI (In, Thru, Out 1 – Out 2), Pedalboard, Headphones, Video Out (RGB/TV)
  • Amplification: 40W+40W Stereo, 3 way, 6 Speakers
  • Dimensions: (HxLxW) 842x1440x470 mm – 33.2×56.7×18.5 inches
  • Weight: 76 kg (167.5 lbs)
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