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GEM WX2 MIDI Module Overview

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Based on the GEM WX2 Multimedia Workstation, the GEM WX2 MIDI Module proved to be another step change as a successful MIDI Arranger (following on from the GEM WS2 MIDI Module). It was used by by MIDI Keyboard users, Karaoke, MIDI Drummers and more importantly, for MIDI Accordion players, Worldwide.

An GEM WX/SX Audio/Video Interface with Vocal Processor, version was available.  This interface could not be retrofitted to the module.

Issues: The WX Series has SRAM for internal storage. This SRAM (Static RAM), uses a rechargeable NiCd backup battery which is prone to leaking and the battery acid when leaking, often corrodes the PCB and components.  Recommend changing the NiCd battery immediately for a separate battery pack, mounted away from the PCBs.

Upgrades: The Operating System (Firmware), is stored in EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory).  Various releases were made and can updated to the latest (at the time).  The EPROM releases can be found in GEM & LEM EPROM Information and all EPROM BIN files can be found in the GEMClub Members Downloads area.

Disks: A large range of GEM and GEMClub members disks can be found in the GEMClub Members Downloads area.

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