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GEM WS Software V1.1 Features

January 21, 2021 | | No Comments

The WS Workstation software EPROM  upgrade version 1.1 has the below added features.  It applies to the GEM WS2, WS2 MIDI Module and WS400 Piano

VOICE, GLOBAL and ALL files can now be sent down the MIDI port. This function also allows data to be transferred from one WS instrument to another.

The MIDI COMMON or MIDI COPY function, facilitates the setting of a common MIDI configuration for all global presets. The facility to store different MIDI parameters for each global, as implemented on the standard WS version 1.0, is now optional.

It is now possible to freely assign a MIDI channel upon which any of the 32 ‘Song Patterns’ can be selected using an external program change.

In addition to the standard preset ‘DRUMS’ voice used in the preset styles and demo’s, there is now a fully user definable ‘DRUMKIT’ voice.

Using this facility the individual drum instruments can be remapped, panned, sent to either or both Effect1 or Effect2, tuned and mixed.

The settings of the MASTER page, (Volume, Bass and Treble), are now memorised when the WS  is turned off.

The WS will now respond to any note or chord played in the left hand accompaniment with an immediate root bass note. This resulting in immediate recognition of fast chord changes across the bar.

The facility for single notes played to trigger a single note ‘vamp’ instead of a major chord ‘vamp’ has been implemented. Both of the above functions can be enabled or disabled via the STATUS menu.

The currently available WS Style Disk (No.3), features 64 additional preset voice. These voices have been implemented as standard on version 1.1 giving the WS, 128 ‘Upper Case’ voices.

The sequencer now feature a bar and beat counter accurate to the nearest 24th of a crotchet.

These foot switches can now be assigned to control minor and 7th cord tonality when the bass pedal board is used for generating accompaniment styles.

All sequencer functions now have an individual note/drum instrument erase facility. This is of particular use for cancelling drum pattern errors in PROG STYLES.


The EPROM releases can be found in GEM & LEM EPROM Information and all EPROM BIN files can be found in the GEMClub Members Downloads area.

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