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GEM WK4 Plus Upgrade

February 9, 2021 | | No Comments

Thanks to the advanced technology developed for the GEM SK Series instruments, the WK4 enters the world of professional synthesizers.






With the WK4 Plus Upgrade, you will have access to advanced features such as Edit Sound functions which allow the manipulation of sounds with maximum freedom, placing the WK4 among the finest Workstations available.

  • Powerful Sound Editing







  • Powerful Waveform Editing







  • Hard Drive Backup and Restore







  • Sample Importing from PC / Akai etc







  • Actual Imported Sample Editing







  • Powerful Filter Editing







  • LFO & Pitch Editing







  • Volume & Amplitude Editing







  • GEM Vocal Processor Support
  • Simple to install. New O/S loaded from Disk.
  • The GEM WK4 ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Sound Editor
  • Complete with Manual & Demo Samples
  • You won’t know how you ever lived without it!

The new WK4 Software Upgrade, derived from the Operating System developed for the SK Series instruments, features a powerful sound synthesis device which combines the use of 64 programmable digital filters, capable of producing a variety of timbres ranging from the purest digital to the warmest of the “fat” analogues.

This powerful Edit Sound function permits the manipulation of sounds typical of the most advanced synths, thanks to the 2 & 4 pole filters with Resonance control, to the possibility of controlling up to 6 Oscillators per voice on 3 Layers, and to a Wave Vector which allows you to decide with total freedom whether a sample (internal or disk-based) is read from its starting point, from its end point or through two alternate modes. Tracking for volume, pan, amplitude and filter cut-off envelopes (pitch, amplitude, filter, pan) with curves of up to 10 segments. The LFO can also be controlled via MIDI.

The vast Sound Library of over 600 WK4 Sounds can be edited and modified using simple and highly intuitive tasks, thanks also to the large backlit display.

The new WK4 Software Upgrade also incorporates the Sample Translator (operates with the optional 2Mb DRAM and/or with standard SIMM modules): this program allows you to import new samples of all the most commonly used formats: Wave (PC); AIFF (Mac); Sound Designer 1; Akai® S1000; Kurzweil® K2000; Sample Vision and Standard MIDI Sample Data Dump.

The original upgrade blister consisted of the following elements: the Operating System disk (copy protected), a disk containing 64 new Real Performances and a disk full of samples and demo songs. Also included was an addendum to the WK4 owner’s manual which explains all the new functions.

Software and Documents are available in the GEMClub members repository.

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