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GEM Promega 3 (Promega3 Update

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1)  Check the O.S. version installed into the instrument proceeding as follows:

a) Turn ON the instrument.

b) Press the “SPLIT P.” button and while holding down it, press the “+” button at the side of display.

c) The display shows the current version:


pressing “+” a second time appears the release date:

2) Cpu_done.bin

mmm.dd.yy/xxxxxx (where mmm is the month, dd the day and yy the year).

d) Turn OFF the instrument from the POWER ON/OFF switch on the backside.

2) If necessary, set the PC to upgrade the instrument O.S. with last version:

a) Install the suitable upgrade program between the followings, therefore follow the instructions that will appear onto PC screen:

NOTE: click just one time over link and wait some minutes till installation program starts.

Upgrade to version 1.05 click here >>>


b) Using the RS232 cable (GM code 130429), connect the PC serial port COM1 or COM2 to the instrument COMPUTER port on its backside.

NOTE: this cable is a standard type that you can buy in any musical instrument shop, or you can self made it using the schematic specified on troubleshooting section.

3) Execute the O.S. upgrade as follows:

a) Run the Upgrade program from START-PROGRAMS-GENERALMUSIC UPGRADES-PROMEGA …-UPGRADE…-, the following screen appears:

b) By means of the OPTIONS / SETTING menu set the same COMx serial port where you have connected the cable previously.

NOTE: the program is set initially on PROGRAM to upload directly and faster the new OS, if you desire you can check the connection before upload the new OS setting TEST AND PROGRAM, in this case the upload total time is doubled.

Do not set a communication speed upper to 115200 baudrate; the upper speed are reserved to fast serial interfaces that are not installed on standard PC.

c) Click on GO! or from the ACTION menu click on EXECUTE, the program shows the screen:

d) Turn ON the instrument to start with transfer of new O.S.; during the transfer, the instrument is not operative and the various phases are visualized only onto PC screen.

Wait until the transfer is done; it takes about 1 hour at 115000 baud rate.

IMPORTANT: if during the first phase of programming onto PC appears the following screen:


To avoid a permanent stop of CPU board that could require its substitution.

e) At the end of transferring the PC shows this screen:

Turn OFF the instrument from the backside POWER ON/OFF switch.

Now, press the STANDBY button while turning on the instrument from the backside switch: this operation force the decompression of new O.S. in the DRAM memory.

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