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GEM & LEM EPROM Information Table

EPROMs, Operating System (Firmware), were used in the earlier GEM equipment, (plus later models like Digital Real Pianos) and also some of the LEM range.

Whilst this is not a definitive list (as it may expand), a number of firmware revisions and updates maybe shown below. Please review the latest, or one matching your version. If updating to a later version, you MUST update ALL the set of EPROMs.

EPROM BIN files, with CHK(16), are available in the Members download area. We welcome any new, or updated BIN code and models.

In alphabetical order. List being updated. Please use table search, or column sort, as needed.
550068A100DEEA81h EA81WS2 27C10011IC6
550069A1009D4CA9h 4CA9WS2 27C10011IC13
550070C100697BB7h 7BB7WS2 27C5121IC23
550071A000E11D2h 11D2WS2MSys Disk Ver 2.3 27C256
550076A1.1011D4DE5h 4DE5WS2/M 27C10011IC6
5500761.1WS2 II 27C10011IC4
550077A1.100C1F01Fh F01FWS2/M 27C10011IC13
550077A1.100C1F01Fh F01FWS2 II 27C10011IC10
550079A1.14C48WS2 II 27C5121IC20
550079B1.1E2C0WS2 II 27C5121IC20
550079C1.100685422h 5422WS2 IIMidi Lock 27C5121IC20
550079D?006821DFh 21DFWS2 IIRef: b2. Upgrade MKII. Possibly a MIDI Lock Fix 27C5121IC20
550081A1.119A5WSM 27C5121IC29
550081A?00694CDCh 4CDCWSMDifferent Checksum to other A 27C5121IC29
550081B1.1B990WSM 27C5121IC29
550081C1.1006919A5h 19A5WSMMidi Lock Update 27C5121IC29
550083A1.14ACBWS2 27C5121IC23
550083C1.100685340h 5340WS2MIDI Lock 27C5121IC23
550107A92CAS2/3 27C0402IC32
550107B1BB3S2/3 27C0402IC32
550107C02004A9Bh 4A9BS2/3Green Update 27C0402IC32
550107D?01FE30DAh 30DAS2/3Green Update. Updated? 27C0402IC32
550108A6F7AS2/3 27C0402IC34
550108B44DCS2/3 27C0402IC34
550108C0244F630h F630S2/3Green Update 27C0402IC34
550108D?0242ECEDh ECEDS2/3Green Update. Updated? 27C0402IC34
550109A104505B4Eh 5B4EWS1 (Program)1991-06-30 00:00:0027C40011IC21
550109?03CC6D2Eh 6D2EWS1Early Version? (Program)27C40011IC21
550296A002BCA461h A461WX2Alpha Version - Pre Version Display (Program Odd)0/0/199327C0404IC16
550296B1.026B6DWX2Beta Version (Program Odd)27C0404IC16
550296C1.0306D5WX2(Program Odd)27C0404IC16
550296D1.043DB1WX2(Program Odd)27C0404IC16
550296E1.0502A5D9AEh D9AEWX2(Program Odd)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC16
550297A001C231F7h 31F7WX2Alpha Version - Pre Version Display (Sound Odd)0/0/199327C0404IC17
550297B1.02F59EWX2Beta Version (Sound Odd)27C0404IC17
550297C1.0301C2789Fh 789FWX2(Sound Odd)0/0/199327C0404IC17
550297D1.0401C415C8h 15C8WX2(Sound Odd)0/0/199427C0404IC17
550297D1.0401C415C8h 15C8WX2M(Sound Odd)0/0/199427C0404IC48
550297E1.0501A9801Ch 801CWX2(Sound Odd)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC17
550298A078C9WX2Alpha Version - Pre Version Display (Program Even (78CA))27C0404IC18
550298A08C91WX2Alpha Version (Program Even)27C0404IC19
550298B1.025C1CWX2Beta Version (Program Even)27C0404IC18
550298C1.03D075WX2(Program Even)27C0404IC18
550298D1.04944CWX2(Program Even)27C0404IC18
550298E1.05020D929Ah 929AWX2(Program Even)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC18
550299A08C91WX2Alpha Version - Pre Release (Sound Even)27C0404IC19
550299B1.02F87CWX2Beta Version (Sound Even)27C0404IC19
550299C1.03017A8AA0h 8AA0WX2(Sound Even)27C0404IC19
550299D1.04017C87E3h 87E3WX2(Sound Even)27C0404IC19
550299D1.04017C87E3h 87E3WX2M(Sound Even)27C0404IC50
550299E1.050161F3A4h F3A4WX2(Sound Even)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC19
550299E1.050161F3A4h F3A4WX2M(Sound Even)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC50
550305A030F05A4h 05A4CD1 27C240
550305R?02FBF19Fh F19FCD1 27C4096
550305?0325CE70h CE70
550305CC60MIXER 27C0401
550306A1.0369EEWX2No Longer Valid Use 550360 (Video PAL Version)27C40021IC1
550306C1.036DE9WX2No Longer Valid Use 550360 (Video PAL Version)27C40021IC1
550306C?049458A1h 58A1WX2Different Checksum to other C (Video PAL Version)27C40021IC1
550306D1.0404334FEBh 4FEBWX2No Longer Valid Use 550360 (Video PAL Version)27C40021IC1
550306D1.04E140WX2No Longer Valid Use 550360 (Video PAL Version)27C40021IC1
550306E1.0570E1WX2No Longer Valid Use 550360 (Video PAL Version)1994-11-01 00:00:0027C40021IC1
550306E?03D7DA4Ah DA4AWX Series No Longer Valid Use 550360 (Video PAL Version)27C2401IC1
550317A02F33E1Dh 3E1DSTURBO(Program Even)0/0/199327C0402IC4
550317B02159264h 9264STURBOBug Fix Version (Program Even)1994-12-01 00:00:0027C0402IC4
5503174EB5STURBOEarly Version (Program Even)27C0402IC4
550318A02D76968h 6968STURBO 27C0402IC5
550319A?039D1579h 1579STURBODifferent Checksum to other A (Program Odd)27C0402IC6
550319A741CSTURBO(Program Odd)27C0402IC6
550319B02907043h 7043STURBOBug Fix Version (Program Odd)1994-12-01 00:00:0027C0402IC6
5503196B39STURBOEarly Version (Program Odd)27C0402IC6
550320A02C701D3h 01D3STURBO(CRC Also typed 81D3)0/0/199327C0402IC7
550321A9EDBCD3 27C2401IC6
550321B?034B9EDBh 9EDBCD3Unsure what a CRC is 27C2401IC6
550321B0336CB4Dh 6CB4CD3 27C2401IC6
550323A1.03WX2Video Program NTSC 27C40021IC1
550323E1.052CAAWX2Video Program NTSC 1994-11-01 00:00:0027C40021IC1
550324D1.0402A43E52h 3E52WX2MDifferent Checksum to other D (Program Odd)0/0/199427C0404IC47
550324D1.04F279WX2M(Program Odd)1994-01-01 00:00:0027C0404IC47
550324E1.0502AA49FCh 49FCWX2Mipv.296 (Program Odd)1994-12-01 00:00:0027C0404IC47
550324E1.05F5ABWX2MOld Release (Program Odd)1994-11-01 00:00:0027C0404IC47
550325B?02094973h 0/0/1994
550325D1.0471C6WX2M(Program Even)1901-01-01 00:00:0027C0404IC49
550325E1.0502082BD3h 2BD3WX2MOld Release (Program Even)1994-11-01 00:00:0027C0404IC49
550325E1.050210D631h D631WX2Mipv.298 (Program Even)1994-12-01 00:00:0027C0404IC49
550334A034B411Ah 411ACD3+CD2 & CD3 Plus Upgrade 1995-01-01 00:00:0027C2401IC6
550334R033775A8h 75A8CD3+ 27C2401IC6
550334?034B0B2Ah 0B2ACD3+ 27C2401IC6
550346R0331902Ah 902ACD1 Oriental 27C4096
550349B20460882Bh 882BSAPPIREUSA Update (D600 II)27C0401
550355E1.0502B355C2h 55C2SX2/3Release 1 (Program Odd)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC17
550356E1.05021CF8EDh F8EDSX2/3Release 1 (Program Even)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC18
550357E1.0501B8C6FAh C6FASX2/3Release 1 (Sound Odd)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC17
550358E1.05018CB689h B689SX2/3Release 1 (Sound Even)1994-10-24 00:00:0027C0404IC19
550359E1.05E78EWX2USA Version (Video NTSC Version)1994-12-01 00:00:0027C2401IC1
550360A169EEWX2(Video PAL Version)27C2401IC1
550360C1.036DE9WX2(Video PAL Version)27C2401IC1
550360E1.0503D7DA4Ah DA4AWX2(Video PAL Version)1994-12-01 00:00:0027C2401IC1
550501A102ACE0A8h E0A8WX2+WX Plus Upgrade Release 1 (Program Odd) & SX1995-04-01 00:00:0027C0404IC16
550502A101DE88DBh 88DBWX2+WX Plus Upgrade Release 1 (Sound Odd) & SX1995-04-01 00:00:0027C0404IC17
550503A10217D7D6h D7D6WX2+WX Plus Upgrade Release 1 (Program Even) & SX1995-04-01 00:00:0027C0404IC18
550504A101B87982h 7982WX2+WX Plus Upgrade Release 1 (Program Even) & SX1995-04-01 00:00:0027C0404IC19
550505A103DAB703h B703WX2+WX Plus Upgrade Release 1 (Video PAL Version)1995-04-01 00:00:0027C0404IC1
550505B?0214BB61h BB61WX2+(Video PAL Version)27C0404IC1
550505?03DAC143h C143WX2+(Video PAL Version)0/0/199527C4096
550507A102B29F47h 9F47WX2M+WX Plus Upgrade Release 1 (Program Odd)1995-04-01 00:00:0027C0404IC47
550507A?02B24DA4h 4DA4WX2M+Different Checksum to other A (Program Odd)27C0404IC47
550508A1021B0C10h 0C10WX2M+WX Plus Upgrade Release 1 (Program Even)1995-04-01 00:00:0027C0404IC50
550508A?021AA898h A898WX2M+Different Checksum to other A (Program Even)27C0404IC50
550509G02782CF2h 2CF2RP2/RP3/GRP3Out of CPU PCB 315080 Will work in later 315080/127C2401
550520A?02C701D3h 01D3? 27C040
550607A009570FBh 70FBRPS Stage Piano 27C1001
550630B005CBE19h BE19?Archive Romatic 27C512
550631C005C9584h 9584?Archive 201 27C512
550632B005C63DFh 63DF?Archive 202 27C512
550637022D3BF0h 3BF0RP2/RP3/GRP3Out of CPU PCB 315080/1. Will work in earlier 3150801996-12-17 00:00:0027C4002
550638A?0567491Ch 491C? 27C040
550639B005C9E0Dh 9E0D?Archive Classic. Code maybe 550637 27C512
550693A009B8D38h 8D38H350 27C1001
557002A?00686D51h 6D51MIXER(DSP PLUS 1.0)1993-01-01 00:00:0027C512
557011B?00139668h 9668? 27C256
557012B200169C6Ch 9C6CTourMaster 15.2 27C256
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