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Service Engineering Test Tool

To create the Genesys Test.all disk run Testall.exe

Note: The files are also available in extracted form in and can then be copied to a copy.

This application will create a 3.5″ disk to make some test on the Genesys  keyboards, a more detailed explanation is available in the related service manual. Summary below.



Summary of Test Disk Functions.

The self check procedure requires to run some test a special diskette, available in the library.

Insert the diskette in the drive and load the presets pressing: DISK, A [F.D.], using ▼ choose [TEST] folder, F1 [LOAD], ENTER, ESCAPE, then press 1 from MEMORIES section.

Pressing SYSTEM and F1 and F4 simultaneously, will run the hardware test.

  • Tests performed, include:
  • Panel Test
  • Computer and MIDI Test
  • PC-Keyboard Test
  • Sample SDRAM Test
  • Floppy Disk Test
  • Video Test
  • MP3 Test
  • CDRW Drive Test
  • HD Recording Test
  • Aftertouch (Adjustment)
  • Pitch and Modulation (Adjustment)
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