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GEMClub TurboKit Plus Release Board

February 17, 2021 | Products | No Comments


Now that the GEMClub TurboKit Plus prototype board has proven to work well, the release PCB is now re-laid.  This is being finalised before going out to production fabrication this week.                     The summarised differences between the below prototype board and the above final release board…

GEMClub TurboKit Plus Beta Fully Tested

February 14, 2021 | Products | No Comments


The new GEMClub TurboKit Plus has now completed it's full testing, on three keyboards and working very well. Whilst the design in based on the original GEM TurboKit, the GEMClub TurboKit Plus has PLCC EPROMs and a managed NiMH battery charging circuit, so the SRAM will retain contents much longer. One of the last tests…


GEMClub DRAM 8Mb Memory Module (Battery Backed Sample RAM). I have designed the board outline, working on it over the next few days, with planned beta PCB order next week. Then populating, testing and finalising in about 2-3 weeks. Parts being ordered next week. Suitable for: GEM WK4, WK6, WK8, SK76, SK760, SK88, SK880, PS2500,…

GEMClub DRAM 2Mb for the WK/SK/Equinox

February 9, 2021 | General, Products | No Comments


The new GEMClub DRAM 2Mb Memory Module has been fabricated, populated and tested. This module can be used in the below GEM models: WK4 WK6 WK8 SK76 SK760 SK88 SK880 PS2500 GPS2500 PS2600 GPS2600 Equinox A GEMClub DRAM 2Mb Memory Module can be used as either the a Hard Drive Buffer, or Battery Backed Sample…

GEMClub TurboKit Plus Under Test

February 8, 2021 | General, Products | No Comments


Been a busy time on various projects, however, the TurboKit Plus is back under bench testing.  The encouraging news is that all is looking positive with the beta board so far. Pending the workload, hope to get testing finalised this week, so the production PCB can be completed, for release later in the month.  

GEMClub Website Hosting Upgraded

February 6, 2021 | General | No Comments


Looking at the server stats and number of access from around the World, it is good to see so much activity, searches and downloads. The consequence of this interest, (for those technically minded), is that despite the server being a good hosted VPS, with 2 Cores and 4GB RAM, the repository backend database is working…

GEMClub PayPal

February 6, 2021 | General, Products | No Comments


To allow more flexibility and secure links, the below new GEMClub PayPal Donation and Membership options have been created.

GEMClub Website Repository Goes Live

February 5, 2021 | General, Products | No Comments


Over 20,000's files and approximately 15GB of data, document etc.  has, or is in the process of, been catalogued, sorted, cross referenced, indexed within the website database and uploaded.  This has proved to be a massive task! Many files are still to be explored from the GEMClub, GEM, LEM, BACHMANN and Baldwin Archives.  These will…

GEMClub TurboKit Plus Bring Up

February 4, 2021 | Products | No Comments

The exciting opportunity to bring up the new  GEMClub TurboKit Plus has started this week.  A number of test procedures are needed and it is hoped all are OK, so the final board can be released. First electrical test of board.  Then populate and place in the oven.  Various charging tests for NiMH rechargeable battery.…

GEMClub TurboKit Plus PCB Arrival

January 29, 2021 | Products | No Comments


Following R&D of the new TurboKit Plus, the fabrication of the PCB is complete.  The initial inspection of the board is looking really good. Pictures show the bare PCB laying in position on the S2 CPU board.  It was designed to be smaller and so not needing all the original metalwork that the original GEM…