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GEMClub Website Repository Goes Live

February 5, 2021 | General, Products | No Comments


Over 20,000’s files and approximately 15GB of data, document etc.  has, or is in the process of, been catalogued, sorted, cross referenced, indexed within the website database and uploaded.  This has proved to be a massive task!

Many files are still to be explored from the GEMClub, GEM, LEM, BACHMANN and Baldwin Archives.  These will gradually be uploaded to the various areas within the GEMClub repository.

Equally, many files, disks, documents etc. may not be available in the archives – so please do not assume we have them!.  Please feel free to upload, or email us with information.

Finally, after around four months, the new GEMClub website is officially online.  Welcome and enjoy!


About Author

about author

Dave Williams

Original and sole proprietor of GEMWorks Europe, later renamed to GEMClub - Generalmusic Owners Club.