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GEMClub Website Hosting Upgraded

February 6, 2021 | General | No Comments


Looking at the server stats and number of access from around the World, it is good to see so much activity, searches and downloads.

The consequence of this interest, (for those technically minded), is that despite the server being a good hosted VPS, with 2 Cores and 4GB RAM, the repository backend database is working very hard! It is struggling with matrix queries for the pages, as noted in swap storage being used.  I have looked at optimisation but cannot do no more. So as SQL is typically memory hungry, have initiated a server upgrade to 4 Cores and 12GB RAM.

This upgrade has now been applied, and will improve the website response time and stop the CPU from creaking.   Already. looking at the stats, it has made a big difference.

Please let me know of any issues, or equally notable improvements.

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about author

Dave Williams

Original and sole proprietor of GEMWorks Europe, later renamed to GEMClub - Generalmusic Owners Club.